Squadra Tuning SGW Bypass – Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio


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From around the beginning of 2018, more and more FCA models are equipped with a Security Gate Way (called SGW)  for the EOBD diagnostic system. But what is it and what kind of practical problem does it cause? And what is the solution?
An original SGW control unit
What is the SGW Firewall? 
SGW stands for Security Gate Way, essentially a firewall intended to keep intruders outside. As a result, only officially certified diagnostic equipment is permitted to access the internal communication network (CAN network). A car is diagnosed via the CAN network, where servicing, error messages are removed by the CAN network and factory updates can be performed. The FCA dealer uses official FCA registered equipment called WiTECHPlus and WiTECH2.0 to do this.
Why is a SGW irritating?
There are no issues as long as the car is being serviced by an official FCA dealership, however as soon as the car arrives at an independent dealer/workshop/specialist, problems can arise. For example, after an oil change, the maintenance history and the replacement period must be reset. Universal diagnostic equipment can be used to do this, however, this unauthorised equipment does not gain access due to the SGW and no reset can take place. Parameters can be read for a diagnosis, but you cannot delete errors or activate components. If internal settings have to be changed with the help of diagnostic equipment, the SGW will block this. In addition to this, PROXI Alignment modifications to allow the the retrofitting of non-standard options, such as shift paddles, cruise control or Race mode cannot be processed with the SGW in place.
What is the solution?
The solution is super simple with Squadra’s in-house SGW firewall bridge. This is a small electronic circuit that replaces the SGW and allows full access to the vehicles CAN system. This has been designed as a complete replacement part that causes no issues or errors unlike many other patch looms available on the market that are prone to issues.
Is it easy to install the SGW bridge myself?
Absolutely – for the Giulia, it can be done in less than 15 minutes. For the Stelvio, it requires a bit more time as a couple covers need to be removed to access the SGW.

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