Introducing Legri Moffa and Raffaele Cirillo; two best friends with a shared passion for all things Italian.

Their journey together started on the first day of high school, culminating in more than 20 years of friendship.

Their passion for Italian cars has been a lifelong journey.

Legri was born in the Italian town of San Giorgio La Molara and his earliest automotive memory was going on a family trip with 6 other family members. In a 1960s Fiat 500, no less.

Raffaele’s father Bruno picked him up from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in a 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV – the same car that took him to school, to sports, to friend’s houses.

You could say they both didn’t stand a chance.

Both Legri and Raffaele are fierce advocates for the Italian brands, not only having owned many different models over the years, but also having exclusively Italian cars at home too.

Legri owns multiple Alfa Romeos, his favourite being the Alfa 75, which was his first Italian car. What enamours him to the 75 so much is how its advanced chassis was far and beyond anything contemporary, while the addictive nature and sound of the Busso V6 is something that can’t be replaced in his heart.

Raffaele owns a few Alfa Romeos, as well as a Fiat and Lancia, with his favourite being his humble Fiat 128. What Raffaele loves about his 128 is its innovative chassis, unbreakable engine and ingenious packaging that has become the quintessential representation of what car ownership is like for Italians.

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