Owning and driving an Italian car means you are different to the rest of the world, refusing to following the same trends, or see life as a bland destination rather than a rich and exciting journey.

It means you aren’t cut from the same cookie cutter, unwilling to surrender to dull and dreary appliances people call ‘cars’.

At Doppietta, we get it.

Doppietta delivers more than just automotive repairs and modifications to classic and contemporary Italian vehicles – it delivers a holistic experience that takes the passion, flair, and traditions embedded in Italian car culture and allows its clients to embrace and savour it.

We believe that Italian car ownership is a lifestyle, full of passion, flair and unaltered connection between man and machine. It is something special, something more than the daily grind. It makes the daily grind worth getting up for.

If you feel the same way, then at Doppietta you have found yourself a place where you can be confident that the work on your pride and joy will be carried out to the highest standard and the bill at the end will be a welcome surprise rather than a heart attack.

At Doppietta, we only service and maintain Italian cars – that is our love and our passion.

We have all the equipment, tools, parts and intimate knowledge of Italian cars, and while we may help out friends from time to time with their other cars, we are proud to be Adelaide’s exclusive Italian Only workshop.

Our ethos is very simple:

‘If you are honest with your work, and fair with your pricing, there is no way you can fail.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it.


26 North East Road
Walkerville, SA 5081

Monday–Friday: 8.30AM–5:00PM
Bookings by Appointment Only

Strictly Italian Cars Only

Contact Number
0432 437 685